Boys of Summer Baseball

Our Mission

TJ Piscitelli - Coach / Instructor

​​Tony Ruggerio - Coach / Instructor

Tom Deegan - Coach / Instructor

Scott Mastropietro - Coach / Instructor

Shaun Ennis - Coach / Instructor

Jake Gordon - Coach / Instructor

Nick Gordon - Coach / Instructor

Andrew Scully - Coach / Instructor 

John Criscio - Coach / Instructor

Kenny Wright Jr. - Asst. / Instructor

Trey McLoughlin - Asst. / Instructor

The Boys of Summer coaches provide the highest quality of instruction and dedication. We treat every player fairly and with the utmost respect. Our coaches believe in practice, a strong work ethic and positive attitude. We will work to build self-confidence and character in every player. We teach the skills, discipline and physical conditioning for every player to take their game to the next level.  Finally, The Boys of Summer coaches teach every player, that true winners understand that the path you take on your journey is as important as the destination you arrive at.

Paul Gordon - Executive Director

Steve McLoughlin - Managing Director

Jay Mather - Director of Baseball Operations

Mike Doran - Head Coach / Instructor

Kenny Wright - Head Coach / Instructor

Rich Dow - Head Coach / Instructor

Axel DeJesus - Head Coach / Instructor

Henry Rondon - Head Coach / Instructor

Billy Brooks - Head Coach / Instructor

We believe in giving today’s youth as many advantages as possible to not only succeed on the field in baseball, but be successful in life.

Our staff

our approach

Boys of Summer Baseball is a competitive baseball program. We look for dedicated players who have a passion for the game of baseball and strive to get to the next level. The Boys of Summer will instill the integrity of the game of baseball into each player, while helping them understand the greatness of the game and the many life lessons associated with it. These lessons guide and enhance the development needed to advance towards the next level of play. Our program will provide a professional learning environment and the best competition - local, regional, and national. The Boys of Summer have built and will continue a tradition of respect for the game and player's will learn that what you put into the game, is what you get back.

coaching philosophy