Boys of Summer Baseball

With intensive hands on coaching and a comprehensive list of drills aimed at addressing specific and general catching issues, there will be things for catchers of every level to learn something new.

*Catchers will need to bring their own gear

****Check back later this Fall/Winter for new sessions*****

Catching Skills:

  • Stances, Set-up, Pre-pitch
  • ​Framing, Pitch Angles, Glove & Body Position
  • Transfer, Footwork, Release
  • Blocking and controlling dirt balls
  • Bunts
  • Umpire-Catcher Relationship
  • Mentality - leadership and toughness​


The following topics will be covered during this 2 hour clinic

Open to Ages 9 and Older

The purpose of this clinic is to provide catching instruction to catchers who love the position and who have aspirations of reaching their full potential as catchers within the great game of baseball.  This training program will help to improve catcher's fundamentals and athleticism.

Athletic Concerns:

  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Reaction time
  • Stretching, flexibility, strength
  • Arm strength and mechanics